henna artistHello!

I am Ann Warren and I have been practicing henna for about 10 years now.  I have a Bachelor of Science from Kansas State University and my backgrounds are in Fine Arts, Anthropology, and History.  I have always loved the arts and tried everything I could get my hands on.  Growing up an army brat I was given the opportunity to travel and meet many people from many different cultural backgrounds.

After college I had a “now what?” moment and tried to figure out what I could possibly do with a liberal arts degree in the middle of Kansas.  So naturally I started a business!!  I was not going to let the fact I knew next to nothing about business slow me down either.  I jumped in with both feet and started working and advertising a little at a time so I would not bite off more than I could chew.  If there was something I did not know how to do I found someone who knew how to do it.  I have sat at the feet of and worked alongside so many people just listening and learning.

I now have a full fledge business though still small I am now happy to serve my customers at my office in Manhattan, Kansas or in the comfort of their own homes.  I travel to some of my customers as far away as Kansas City and Wichita and I would love to travel for a destination wedding or event.